Source code for delira.data_loading.sampler.lambda_sampler

from delira.data_loading.sampler.abstract_sampler import AbstractSampler

[docs]class LambdaSampler(AbstractSampler): """ Implements Arbitrary Sampling methods specified by a function which takes the index_list and the number of indices to return """ def __init__(self, indices, sampling_fn): """ Parameters ---------- indices : list list of classes each sample belongs to. List index corresponds to data index and the value at a certain index indicates the corresponding class sampling_fn : function Actual sampling implementation; must accept an index-list and the number of indices to return """ super().__init__(indices) self._indices = list(range(len(indices))) self._sampling_fn = sampling_fn
[docs] def _get_indices(self, n_indices): """ Actual Sampling Parameters ---------- n_indices : int number of indices to return Returns ------- list list of sampled indices """ n_indices = self._check_batchsize(n_indices) samples = self._sampling_fn(self._indices, n_indices) return samples
def __len__(self): return len(self._indices)