Source code for delira.models.backends.tf_eager.data_parallel

import tensorflow as tf
from delira.models.backends.tf_eager.abstract_network import \

[docs]class DataParallelTfEagerNetwork(AbstractTfEagerNetwork): """ DataParallel Module for the TF eager execution backend Warnings -------- This Module is highly experimental and not guaranteed to work properly! """ def __init__(self, module, devices): """ Parameters ---------- module : :class:`AbstractTfEagerNetwork` the module to scatter across different devices devices : list list of ints specifying the GPU indices """ super().__init__() self._closure = module.closure self._prepare_batch = module.pepare_batch self.module = tf.keras.utils.multi_gpu_model(module, devices, True)
[docs] def call(self, *args, **kwargs): """ Defines the forward pass of the module Parameters ---------- *args : arbitrary positional arguments **kwargs : arbitrary keyword arguments """ return*args, **kwargs)
@property def closure(self): return self._closure @property def prepare_batch(self): return self._prepare_batch