Source code for delira.utils.config

from nested_lookup import nested_lookup
from trixi.util import Config

[docs]class LookupConfig(Config): """ Helper class to have nested lookups in all subdicts of Config """
[docs] def nested_get(self, key, *args, **kwargs): """ Returns all occurances of ``key`` in ``self`` and subdicts Parameters ---------- key : str the key to search for *args : positional arguments to provide default value **kwargs : keyword arguments to provide default value Raises ------ KeyError Multiple Values are found for key (unclear which value should be returned) OR No Value was found for key and no default value was given Returns ------- Any value corresponding to key (or default if value was not found) """ if "." in key: return self[key] results = nested_lookup(key, self) if len(results) > 1: raise KeyError("Multiple Values found for key %s" % key) elif len(results) == 0: if "default" in kwargs: return kwargs["default"] elif args: return args[0] else: raise KeyError("No Value found for key %s" % key) else: return results[0]
def __setattr__(self, key, value): """ Modified to automatically convert `dict` to LookupConfig. Parameters ---------- key : str the key which should be set value : Any the corresponding value to set the key to. """ if isinstance(value, dict) and not isinstance(value, LookupConfig): value = LookupConfig(config=value) return super().__setattr__(key, value)